Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Basics of Laboratory & Instruments/ General Biotechnology

Training module at IBRI for Biotech Student/Professionals
Module I: Basics of Laboratory
·        Handling of Instruments
·        Laboratory Safety Protocols
·        Preparation of Solutions
·        Functions of chemicals & solutions
Module II: Basics of Biochemistry
·        Qualitative Analysis of Salts
·        Estimation of Protein by Lowry’s / Bradford Method
·        Estimation of reducing sugar
·        Determination of Blood Glucose
Module III: Basics of Cell Culture
·        Preparation of media for PTC
·        Root & Embryo Culture
·        Bacterial Cell Culture
Duration: 30 To 45 Days

Technical Assistance & Laboratory Cost: Rs 5,000/- (One Month Training only) Rs 7,000 /- (One Month Training + 15 Days Project Work)

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