Friday, May 30, 2014

After Genome, the Proteome: Bangalore Lab Maps Human Protein

Breakthrough could transform understanding of disease — and cure
      Human Genome Sequencing was a major breakthrough for the students, professionals and scientists which revolution the biological sciences along with the emergence of new concept i.e. ‘Genes to Drug’. Scientists did not stop at this point and new project of HUPO  was initiated i.e. mapping the total human proteome. Now with the help of Indian Scientists it has been mapped.
This is the next big thing that genetic researchers have been waiting for after the human genome project. While researchers had felt that mere sequencing of the genes would unlock the mystery of life, the true potential of the human genome mapping could not be realized. Scientists hit a roadblock as not enough was known about the proteins that translate the genetic information into functional units like enzymes and proteins. Most human diseases and aging happen because proteins and enzymes become dysfunctional —nobody fully understands why.
Although India did not participate in the human genome project, completion of a human proteome map by this team now puts India at the forefront of the international efforts to characterize the human proteome and it is a matter for pride for science and scientists working in India.
Indian scientists have identified more than 2,000 proteins that were labeled as ‘missing proteins’ by the international research community as they had never been detected or measured. A remarkable achievement is the identification of almost 200 novel proteins in humans that had not been discovered.

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