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Project Training in Bioinformatics/Biotechnology

IBRI a technical unit of EXORDIOR Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. Conducts training programs in interdisciplinary sciences based upon the theme of the story of six blind men touching the elephant at different points and the conclusion could only be derived by combination of sharing of ideas. Therefore today industry is working in interdisciplinary areas and need the trained personnel in interdisciplinary sciences e.g. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary subject which direct applications in Biotech, IT, pharma industry etc. with this aim IBRI imparts Project Training in Bioinformatics and objective is
The interdisciplinary nature of our studies is valuable not only for its immediate benefits to our research but also for keeping the door open to diverse career paths in the sciences /arena of life sciences..”
IBRI has established its trustworthiness and acceptability among the students for its quality Bioinformatics Training Programs as our methodology along with framework is beneficial for students to achieve their dream career path.
Importance Bioinformatics Training Program
It is not an exaggeration that in the near future Bioinformatics may well have the potential to limit wet lab experiments and enhance the speed of research for the generation of new information giving a present day direction to the biological science for the betterment of human society.
Applied Bioinformatics has direct implication in developing and implementing research ideas for research in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology and other disciplines of Life Sciences. Therefore it becomes imperative for anyone and everyone who wants to make a career in Biotechnology research and Industry to understand and apply Bioinformatics in his research initiative.
Bioinformatics involves integrative or multidisciplinary approach that is inclusive, but not exclusive of computational, mathematical and statistical methods to study, organize, analyze and interpret biological information, at the molecular, genetic and genomic levels. With the diversity required for the subject, it has become imperative to acquire practical knowledge and skills therefore it can said that Bioinformatics Training is important and indispensable not only for Bioinformaticians but also for all the researchers in the Life Sciences arena.
Benefits of the Training
Scientific Research Skills Development for the logical thinking on the research projects and augmenting in-hand biological science process skills enable students to gain practical skilled knowledge is the most important aspect of technology driven science like Bioinformatics. 
Different Programs as per Individual Needs and this is all together a unique innovative approach in trainings, unlike other industrial training programs where you are required to learn as per the working of Industry.
 The training will provide a rich combination of theoretical foundations and practical skills in Bioinformatics build the necessary computational and scientific foundations.

Practical Oriented with stress on the presentations, interactive sessions and Quality Publications is our main motto during internship i.e.  to publish a quality research paper in good impact factor paper by the completion of internship program as it adds weight age to your profile and generates confidence on your thought process.

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 Salient Features
·          Gain insight into the Bioinformatics and Bioservice Industry. 
·         . Get trained by Qualified and Experienced Professionals. 
·         . Get trained in state of the art laboratory.
·         . Gain hands on practical experience. 
·         . Work on projects with real world significance. 
·         .  Get Approved training certificate.
          Persons having a B.Sc. / M.Sc./ B-Tech/ M-Tech/ B.Pharma/ M.Pharma in  Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Medical Science, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Medicine and other relevant Qualification in the respective areas are eligible. Doctors, Computer professionals, R&D Scientist having Graduation, Post graduation and PhD qualifications are also encouraged to apply for the Program. Highly motivated undergraduates in their final year may also apply. 

Bioinformatics Training Program
Tailor-Made Cutting-Edge Bioinformatics & its Allied Areas Training Programs For Scientists, Teachers & Students!

          The goal of the Bioinformatics Training Program (BTP) is to prepare students in bioinformatics and applied computational biology by engaging them in cutting-edge collaborative research featuring a strong biological and biomedical application.
    The Aim of the Project Training is to acquaint the Trainees with the software tools and protocols required to work in industry oriented environmental and become competent to handle the projects independently.. The training modules are designed keeping the Industrial requirements into consideration. The program would offer a deep insight into Bioinformatics applied areas and its emerging fields which have direct applications in modern day Pharmaceutical R&D, Biotech, IT industry. IBRI major project areas are mentioned below: 

  • Agro-Informatics
  • Molecular Modeling
  • Phylogenetic Analysis
  • Computational Biology.
  • in-silico Drug Designing.
  • Biodiversity Informatics.
  • Database and Tool Development.
  • Clinical Trials and Data Management.
  • Structural and Functional Genomics.
  • Structural and Functional Proteomics.
  • Waste Water Management(ETP/STP).
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